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All about how we got started!

Starting in early 2012, we took our hobby and thought it would be fun to make different types of carts for our use and sell them off so we could build the next one.  After the first few sold it turned into a little faster paced turn around and saw the need for carts that were not customized as well.  So we started to keep a few carts around and only do a couple custom ones at a time. To have an option for people to choose from.


In addition to selling carts we have started servicing a few and taking trade-ins.  We work hard to make a good deal for everyone and hope our integrity will bring repeat customers back.


As you can see in some of the photos we worked out of our garage for a while until we ran out of room.  We had been in a small building in Nash, Texas were we could work on carts, put a few out for viewing and have a place to park the car again.


Since then, we have moved into a larger building. In the Texarkana area. Where we have more carts in stock and a larger service area.. 

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